Suzie Brown & Scot Sax
15 juli

Normaliter programmeren we Nederlandse artiesten, simpelweg omdat er zoveel Nederlands talent is dat een podium zoekt. Toen Judy Blank ons benaderde of een uitzondering wilde maken voor Suzie hebben we even getwijfeld, maar Voor Suzie maken we graag een uitzonderling, Judy schreef samen met Suzie het ‘1995’. En wie weet komt Judy ook nog langs..  

A 1970s-inspired folk-pop songwriter, Suzie Brown responds to the seismic changes of the modern moment with 2022’s Some See The Flowers. Written somewhere between her shifts as an Advanced Heart Failure/Heart Transplant cardiologist at Vanderbilt Hospital and her responsibilities as a mother of two, it’s a record about resilience, resolve, and maintaining perspective in difficult times. It also finds Brown — an award-winning musician whose songs have earned recognition from the Independent Songwriting Competition, Forbes Magazine, People Magazine, and the long-running television program CBS This Morning — nodding to the soul singers, folk artists, and roots-rockers who came before her. Some See the Flowers finds Brown reuniting with Billy Harvey, who previously produced her 2019 release, Under the Surface. Working together during a series of quarantined recording sessions, the two experimented with new beats, new arrangements, and new narratives from a storyteller who’d previously taken the
stage not only as a musician, but also as a featured speaker at medical events like TEDMED. When the dust settled, they’d created Some See the Flowers — a boundary-breaking Americana album that’s every bit as diverse as its creator. “I love everything about you, Suzie — you’re wearing a lot of hats, and wearing them all very well,” said broadcast journalist Gayle King during an episode of CBS This Morning that showcased Brown’s unique balancing act between music, medicine, and motherhood. Some See the Flowers turns that balancing act into music, spotlighting an artist who has spent a decade rolling with the
punches, adjusting to the changing times, and writing the ever-evolving soundtrack to her journey.

Tickets 20:30 uur