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In gorgeous Waimes, a small village in the Belgian Ardennes region, VANDERLINDE recorded their eighth album. ‘Muy Rico’ became the inevitable title. Twelve songs that sometimes paint a bleak outlook of our society. But also reveal intimate confessions of unconditional love. VANDERLINDE will bear its soul again in 2021.
Although officially retired, producer Erwin Musper (David Bowie, Van Halen, Chicago, Anouk, Def Leppard), stepped up to the plate one more time to helm this inspired recording session.
This record was created in a very strange and restless moment of the times we live in.
The world has all but burned down and stumbled spinning. But out of the ashes,
rebooted riches of the mind have been creating uplifting new ways for survival.
As usual, art will be at the forefront of a new dawn.
Art does not have to be explained, but we will still give you some insight into what inspired us to write these songs (see below). Some of them out of frustration, other ones out of despair, but most above all, out of love.
VANDERLINDE has spent a lot of time on the road in Europe over the last few years. Mostly headlining, but also in support of Fish (Marillon), Jethro Tull, and Bobby Kimball (Toto).
German radio spins their records frequently. WDR3 and NDR2 have a soft spot for the band since 2012. Reviews in almost every music magazine were unanimously top notch. Even a non-music magazine like ‘Der Spiegel’ thought it necessary to hail the band.

VANDERLINDE will play in a small acoustic setting:
Arjan van der Linde: Bass, Acoustic guitars, Lead vocals
Wietze Koning: Electric Guitar
Christof Bauwens: Resonator, Lap Steel


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