4 juni

Singer-songwriter VanWyck

With her rich lyrics and sober alt-folk craft Amsterdam singer-songwriter VanWyck has drawn comparisons with Leonard Cohen, Natalie Merchant and Laura Marling. She released her first EP Tanned Legs in 2015 to international acclaim. Her debut album, An Average Woman, came out in January 2018 on her own Maiden Name Records and was hailed by the Dutch music press as one of the best releases by a native artist in years.

“After a fragmented upbringing, moving all over the world and playing different roles in different bands, I finally made the album I always felt I had to make. Searching out the voices that kept calling to me, from untold stories in our past, from everyday women who struggle and fail and the mythical ones that mirror our dreams. An Average Woman explores the roles we are dealt and the ones we create for ourselves.”

The album was produced by Reyer Zwart, multi-instrumentalist and arranger. A special guest appearance was made by singer and guitarist Marjolein van der Klauw. Together with drummer Rowin Tettero en guitarist Sander Donkers they toured extensively through The Netherlands and Europe, forging a new band sound which formed the basis for her second album – Molten Rock which was released on November 15, 2019 with Concerto Records.

On her second album VanWyck again veers between dark folk, lush Americana and alternative rock. VanWyck: “I wanted to create something that can hold different truths within itself, something that is both vulnerable and strong, that contains happiness and sadness, stillness and abundance. So much of what is thrown at us today is one-dimensional, but life is almost always more complicated. Sometimes you are both the hunter and the hunted, sometimes you believe in things that you know are not true, sometimes you are happy and sad at the same time. It’s what makes us so tragically, and so wonderfully human. We are forever doomed to balance between conflicting notions. If you can surrender yourself to that, you discover a new space. I think this album addresses the search for that space.”

After her first theatre tour was cancelled because of Covid, VanWyck changed course and released a third album of intimate, acoustic songs called God is in the Detour in 2020. With four new songs that she wrote and recorded during lockdown and four older ones that she remastered, the album speaks of finding solace in unexpected places. The album got a 4 star review in MOJO magazine and has been streamed over a million times.

VanWyck’s 4th album, The Epic Tale of the Stranded Man, will be released with Excelsior Recordings in 2022. Its twelve songs intertwine both lyrically and harmonically. Together they tell a story about a man haunted by a dark past and a woman who tries to save him. First single I was innocent sets the stage for the story to unfold.

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